Project Engineering

From design to operation. Everything done by a single source.

The scope of work consists of the general planning, the electric control cabinet and rack design, the software design and the setting to work of electric facilities.

To the planning belongs the analysis of the requirements, the design of the control concept, the selection of the adequate components and the creation of the wiring plans. Appropriated are especially standard components like e.g. modular rail-mounted industry PCs of the Beckhoff company CX series, in special cases also microcontroller systems, e.g. the euroboard 4-axis controller unit DN309.

According to the customer request, in addition to the control and feedback control systems also the power electronics are integrated into the cabinet design, e.g. the electronic power converter and servo control for electric drives. Required 19" components are placed into separate 19" module racks.

The visualisation is programmed by the programming language C++, the control and feedback control by structured text (IEC 61131-3, e.g. TwinCAT). Using the CX industry PCs, a standard PC environment is provided, which is known by the operator and where many expansion possibilities are offered. Using other control systems, in most cases the software design is made by C++ completely.

At last the pre-checked components are set to operation at the customer. This setting to work consists of the wiring check, software adaptation on the field and the control adjustments of all feedback control circuits.

After the setting to operation our maintenance and repair services are available.