AN308AN308 - Digital Controller

The AN308 module is a further development of the familiar AN307 controller. Whereas the AN307 is intended principally for the processing of analog signals, the development objective for the AN308 was the additional ability to process signals from digital displacement sensors. This allows the AN308 to be used as a CNC controller    ...more

DN309DN309 - Digital Controller

The DN309 module can control electromechanical as well as hydraulic drives, whereby the special demands encountered in hydraulic applications have been taken into account    ...more

XF100XF100 - Power Supply

The XF100 is a power supply unit, which generates a dual voltage +/-15V DC from a single voltage 24V DC to supply installations and systems e.g. analogues units, position encoders   ...more


XF104XF104 - Servo Amplifier

The servo amplifier XF104 is designed for driving servo valves with a current range between 10 und 400 mA. The implemented linear output stage is protected by a thermal shutdown and is suitable for resistive and inductive loads. The input signal consists of an analogue set value of 10V ...more


XF105XF105 - Servo Amplifier

Servo amplifier XF105 for open-loop controlled proportional valves (2 magnet coils) with fast output stages ...more